What to bring to class:

1. Your Texas Drivers License (DL) or State ID.
Note: Military Personnel bring DL & ID

 2. A Handgun either a Semi-Automatic or Revolver that is at least the minimum of a .32 Cal.
3. Minimum of 50 rounds of ammunition ( can purchase at Gun Shop on site)

4. A hat (baseball cap or similar)

5. Eye Protection

6. Hearing Protection

7. Dress for the weather WE SHOOT RAIN OR SHINE

 If you have completed your application online at the Department of Public Safety web site, print out and bring your receipt/bar code with you.
If you have not, then we will provide the application materials for you. Pens, paper, etc are provided. Keep all firearms unloaded and cased until needed.

If you have hearing and eye protection please bring them with you, if not I can loan you these items
(limited items available).

If you do not own a handgun, you can rent one for an additional $65.00 fee. Ammunition included (50)rounds per box
  Other important LINKS              www.texaslawshield.com

Only available at RICK'S GUN SHOP
Free Gunrange Membership for all Students who have attended my CHL Classes

Here's comments about the class !

Very interesting class . All subjects covered... Very good class with speed and subject matter Don't change a thing ! E.S. Brown 11-18-2012
This was the most comprehensive class I have experienced in securing and keeping my CHL. Very thorough... I had no apprehensions going into the EXAM portion of the training class. Jimmy G.11-18-12   renewal
Really enjoyed the class Steven E. 10-20-2012
Good information and class pace  Don't change a thing ! Kevin K. 10-20-12
I had a great time, you were very good at dispelling my gun anxiety. Don't need to change anything Laura M. 10-20-2012 
I would recommend family & friends to take Mr. Riccardi's class ! Brandy T. 10-14-2012
Good Class ! Christopher R. 10-14-2012
Everything went great! Enjoyed the class a lot! Don't change anything... Keep up the good work ! ! ! Robin V. 10 14-2012
Very knowledgeable Instructor, gave me great tips on correct positions holding gun Cynda A. 9-22-2012
GREAT JOB! Melvin W. 9-22-2012
Everything well covered and well explained. Ronald N. 09-23-2012
Well Done Joseph C. 9-16-2012
Learned ALOT from Rick  I had a GREAT time Sandy A. 9-9-2012
Good class Very through D.Blount 8-26-2012
Great class, very well presented ( SUPER JOB) Charles G. 8-19-2012
Awesome JOB Rick Ricky N. 8-19-2012
Very informative & FUN Dennis P. 8-19-2012
Enjoyed the day... Learned ALOT Pam N. 8-19-2012
Great Class B.Ruckman 8-19-2012
Very Good Class recommend it to anyone R.Meyes 8-19-2012
Good Class Very informative Rebecca B. 8-18-2012
Rick was very good teacher and very knowledgeable. I would recommend him to others. L.F.B. Christopher 8-12-2012
Class instruction was very good. Interest was maintained all day. Range instruction was outstanding, Focus on safety was also outstanding. Class was very good as is  Don't change a thing ! C.R. Christopher 8-12-2012
Great Class Don't Change a thing S.Tucker 7-7-2-12
Rick, Did a fine job... GREAT CLASS... Don't forget to plug in sound cord ! :) LOL B.York 7-7-2-12
GREAT INSTRUCTOR in classroom and on the shooting range Took time to explain and show in detail.
Would recommend this class to anyone wishing to get a CHL Raymond G. B.  06-23-2012
I believe this training class was excellent and I feel more knowledgeable as to the use of my firearm. Marsha B. 06-23-2012
Very informative, a class everyone should take to get your CHL or not Rick is VERY VERY good at his job
MORE FEEDINGS LOL ! Jared B.  06-23-2012
Loved the flexibility in class schedule Doris B 06-23-2012
Very Good Class No Stress GREAT INSTRUCTOR Stephen J.06-23-2012
HAD A GREAT time, Rick was very informative and the class was all that I expected Don't change a thing
James H. B
We were very well instructed in a professional manner Learned more at this renewal than the original class.

D. Sanders 3-13-2012
Excellent presentation & facilities. Excellent...Great attitude about course and very professional Don't change a thing ... Great Job Rick ! D.Wehrman 3-10-2012
Excellent... Learned a lot very enjoyable class R.Wehrman 3-10-2012
Rick did a fantastic job, he made me feel welcome and at ease. I feel very prepared to continue my journey Lancaster 3-10-2012
Very well done, obvious you enjoy teaching comfortable & enjoyable T.Lancaster 3-10-2012
Very knowledgeable about CHL subject M.Presley 2-12-2012
I appreciated the small size class for personal attention Jeffery S. Jr. 2-12-2012
I believe everything was great and taught well. learned a lot I did not know Cody S. 2-11-2012 
Great Job Rick ! ! ! T.Lester 02-04-2012
Rick is very knowledgeable, answered & explained any & all questions asked... GREAT CLASS Denton H. 01-29-2012
Excellent renewal class W.Walker 1-22-2012
This was a GREAT class Very interesting & educational I will recommend others B.Forbis 1-14-2012 
Very Informative class K.Brown 1-14-2012
Super Class... Don't change a thing D.Alexander 1-14-2012
Great Class R.Brown 1-14-2012
Class was very informative I will recommend to all J.Todd 1-7-2012
Don't change a thing E.Hines 1-7-2012
Great training D.Williams 1-7-2012  
"Very interesting, capable, & knowledgeable instructor. Motivates you to get familiar with your weapon, how to handle and fire it. GREAT job in teaching this course...  M.Julian 6-18-201106-09-2012
 Very Good Class Would Recommend ! Kyle B. 06-09-2012
Very Good ! Enjoyed the day! Pamela W. 06-09-2012
Professional Greg W. 06-09-2012
Very Good Class James A. B 06-09-2012
 I enjoyed it and learned a lot! Kristen B 06-09-2012
Very informative K.Wood 06-02-2012
Everything was GREAT ! Don't change anything A.Sawyer 06-02-2012
Very informative I learned a lot Rick was a wonderful instructor This class is a must do for anyone thinking of getting their CHL... Don't change a thing Russell D. 5-20-2012
Great Course Melynda H. 5-20-2012
Outstanding Instructor... Very patient with Novice Shooters Kyle H. 5-20-2012
Very pleased... Great Class Tom K. 5-20-2012
Great Class... No improvement needed Mark M. 5-12-2012
Class was very informative don't change a thing Dorothy M. 5-12-2012
Exceeded my expectations I learned a lot and really enjoyed it. Don't change a thing Everything was GREAT ! ! ! S.Williams 3-25-2012
Great Instructor, very knowledgeable and met every expectation I had for the class ! ! !... A+ B.Williams 3-25-2012
HAD A BLAST Today! ! ! J.Boyd 3-25-2012
Very Good Class & very well time managed Everything was GREAT ! Don't change anything Great Course Very pleased Great Class and was very informative don't change a thing Very Good Class & very well time managed J.Villatoro 3-25-2012
Everything was GREAT ! K. Sanders 3-13-2012

You will not need a firearm for the classroom portion of the course.

This is information everyone has been waiting for, so for starters the CHL class has been shortened to 4-6 hours of classroom instructions PLUS range time. I have shorten my class to 5 hours total including range time by limiting the student count to a Max of 6(six) and of course my Min of 1(one).

But here is the good news         CLASSES 7 Days a week
I will have a Daily Classes 10am-3pm & Saturday and Sunday
Morning classes 7:30am - 12:30pm and Afternoon 1:00pm -6:00pm class each day I teach. Make sure you select the correct day and times.
You can register on -line for classes by clicking on the link below

To renew after 9/1/2013 CHL’s  No class... No testing... 
Just visit TXDPS.com or I can register for you $20 +fees to the State that apply 

 click below to register

BE SURE TO CHECK OUT MY ON-LINE STORE  www.ricksgunshop.co for that PERFECT carry gun

No minimum class size requirement needed...  one is a class for Rick's Gun Shop & CHL
I'll teach one with the same enthusiasm as I teach SIX or more upon reguest.
check out comments below...

e-mail rick@ricksgunshop.org

Below is some very good reading for the Armed American Citizen
click link below for more information

    NRA Pistol Safety Classes Now Available on REQUEST

With that being said, it's best that if you are new to handguns to come to a NRA safety class first or get some 1 on 1 instruction from myself or someone that is proficient with concealed handgun carry.

Texas State Certified L.T.C. & NRA Pistol Instructor       ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS ACCEPTED 


Mail Without Payment:

Texas Department of Public Safety

Concealed Handgun - MSC 0245

PO Box 4087

Austin, TX 78773-0001

(512) 424-7293

Bring a Buddy & Senior Day
L.T.C. license to carry 
register below




The best BANG for you Buck
All Inclusive facilities

Below are comments about classes
Class Size is limited for personal attention
L.T.C. " Class Schedule
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